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Will Writer PRO Feature Comparison

Will Writer PRO
Will& LPA Drafting with Commentary & Letter of Wishes
Client Invoicing
Severance Documents
Multiple Users
User Community Support & Feature Request
Storage of Client Interview Recordings
Workflow Management
Bespoke Clause Library
CRM Database
Prospect Marketing Solution
Customisable Stand Alone Website
Sales Lead Management
Remote Data Storage


Will Writer PRO Key Features

A Complete Will Writing Business, Modular In Design

Will Writer Pro is a complete business solution offering innovative will writing software , an integrated database system, a workflow management process, sales tracker ,website and accounts package all in one system. However, not everyone requires every option, which is why Will Writer Pro has been built with both small and corporate businesses in mind, meaning you can choose the configuration that best suits your current business needs and then add components as and when your business requires.

Leading Edge Software That Is Intuitive And Simple To Use

Will Writer Pro's leading edge software is intuitive and simple to use and requires no drafter as it intelligently produces the Will document from the clients instruction making even the most complicated Will simple to produce thus saving time and money.

Complex Wills Made Simple

Will Writer Pro uses Parker's Will Precedents, which are recommended by the Institute of Professional Will writers ,The Ninth Edition (previously: Parker's Modern Wills Precedents) is a well-established and highly regarded publication, renowned for its clarity of drafting.In addition Will Writer Pro allows you to build up your own library of favourite bespoke clauses

Fully Integrated Database And Workflow Management

Will Writer Pro produces the Will and integrates the client record seamlessly into its database and workflow solution. Will Writer Pro allows you to easily track cases ,take payments, produce invoices,write letters ,email or text your clients and much more and all at a touch of a button.

The Paperless Office

Will Writer Pro's workflow management allows you to scan and securely store client documentation in a digital format. Furthermore, multimedia files, such as voice recordings of meetings or telephone calls can be effortlessly added to your client file.

Website Option

Will Writer Pro's Gold Plan includes a website specifically built for the industry but bespoked with your own company details. You also have control over what information is displayed via an easy-to-use control panel.

Sales Tracker

Will Writer Pro tracks your leads , conversions and sales allowing to complete control and awareness over your sales proces.

Prospect Pool Management

Will Writer Pro automatically adds guardians and trustees to a prospect pool, providing you with warm leads to expand your business

Scalable Solution

Will Writer Pro's powerful engine ensures it can handle the demands of even the largest organisation.